- Profit target strategy type 1 - fixed value

All our systems are equipped with the following functionality

- Profit target strategy type 2 - at each negative Renko value, the profit target is subtracting by the length of the Renko

- Profit target strategy type 3 - when a signal strategy profit target is placed at the open last closed Renko AND


- Profit target strategy type 4 - in SIGNAL of the  STRATEGY PROFIT TARGET is PLACED AT the OPEN LAST CLOSED RENKO MANIPULATIONS are NOT performing

- Stop loss strategy type 2 - inserted on the open signal Renko

- Stop loss strategy type 1 - fixed value

- Stop loss strategy type 3 is INSERTED INTO the LOW HIGH ANALYSIS OF N BARS (for EXAMPLE 10 BARS)

- Stop loss strategy type 4 is placed ON the KNEE of the ZIGZAG INDICATOR

- Trailing stop strategy type 1 - trailing starts to work only after moving stop loss to breakeven

- The trailing stop strategy type 2 - the trailing starts to work immediately after moving the stop loss on the length of the Renko

- The system of two orders - will allow you to set up a short and long profit target , has a profit target setting fixed and profit target is equal to stop loss

- The risk revard function - allows you to set a profit target based on the length of the stop loss

- Profit target strategy type 5 - the profit target value is subtracting by the Renko length on each closed bar

- The trailing stop strategy type 3 - stop loss values are transferring to the Renko length on each closed bar

- Bar close  - the number of bars to the closing of the transaction (the report starts after the installation of orders in the market)

- Close only profit for Bar Close - Close only in the profit zone (after the end of the counter barclose  goes into the standby mode of any profit position)

- Сalculation only profit for Bar Close  - Calculation of Barclays only in the profit zone (example: if Barclays = 5 this means that the number of bars should be in the profit zone 5)

- Relay race - additional mode of double order, where orders are opened not simultaneously but sequentially. This  option reduces the losses.