This mini-guide is created to help users create templates for systems.



Configuration and optimization 

To start the optimization of system parameters open the strategy analyzer. New > strategy analyzer. In test type section select the optimize strategy, download recommended template > download (on the size of brick in Renko read below) select the instrument and test date, click run.


information about the strategy analyzer:



New > strategy analyzer



Select backtest strategy, choose template










Instrument, test period


After the optimizer is finished, we recommend setting the trading time.


Next step - in the display menu select analysis it is IMPORTANT to switch to time base time of entry then in the period menu switch half an hour a day you will get a histogram net profit on the time of the system.






Next configure the settings block parameter FOR TIME session 1. For example the beginning of work 0.30 to 4.00 and so on. Try to remove the bright areas of unprofitability. Important note. Try not to cross the boundaries of the default sessions if you see that the coficent TP and SL is significantly different, if equal then it's normal.


You can disable the day of the week if the results are not satisfied or optimize separately! Day-to-day optimization requires a very long optimization period of at least 2 years!


After optimization, you should save the template. With the template > save settings.



To increase the speed of the optimizer disable the display of indicators and show stop loss lines and profit target as well as set the step in ticks 3-5 but not longer than the brick Renko.


ATTENTION: the "standard (fast)" method is not suitable for Renko type charts!!! (the result will be shifted by the length of the brick Renko in view of the drawing property such is the type of graph) Only the "high" type of tick!
Also if you want to speed up optimization and reduce the number of runs to view the preliminary result as well as for batch optimization reduce the generation parameter in GO properties.
The choice of brick size Renko depends on volatility of  choosed tool and this affects the number of transactions the optimal values recommended 800-3000 trades per year with less value put less pattern optimization if you have more put more.